About Shannnam

With convicted passion in handmade accessories, Riyo Chan turned from an art director in advertising field to founding her proprietary brand in 2011. “Shannnam” is the romanization of Riyo’s Chinese name, which stands for “mists in the mountains” and exudes an aura of elusive sentimentality.

Such desire to capture the moments of permanent transient can be shown in her jewelry design work, which are all creative attempts to convert abstract ideas and stories into tangible experiences.

Riyo has been incorporating miniature scenes as a medium into her accessories and art installations. She has also extended her interest in studying forms of nature and recreating aesthetics of daily objects.

Riyo’s artistic sensibility has been acknowledged by exhibitions at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (USA) and Jaffa Museum (Tel Aviv Isræl). Shannnam’s designs are carried by Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, Colette Paris, Harvey Nichols and various retailers around the world as part of the fashion icon.

憑着對手作飾品的無比熱誠,Riyo Chan於2011年從廣告美術總監的身分轉型,創立自己的品牌。「Shannnam」是Riyo中文名字「山嵐」的粵語拼音,意為「山中霧」,隱隱流露着難以言喻的獨特氣質。
Riyo的藝術觸覺廣受認同,作品獲展於美國維珍尼亞當代藝術博物館和以色列特拉維夫Jaffa Museum,以Shannnam品牌推出的設計更在東京都庭園美術館、巴黎Colette、Harvey Nichols等世界不同地點有售。